Sermons are available below, as well as on SermonAudio and iTunes.

Sermon Series on SermonAudio

  • The Fullness of Salvation, Series on what salvation is and what it means, in all its fullness.
  • Job, Series on the book of Job, his suffering, and God’s sovereignty.
  • Divine Soul Music, Selections from the Psalms, God-given music for – and from – our souls.
  • Ecclesiastes, Series on the book of Ecclesiastes, teaching us about the pointlessness of life without God.
  • Daniel, Series on God’s faithful people in exile, and His promise they would be restored.
  • Hosea, Series on Hosea’s prophecy about adulterous Israel, her punishment, and God’s promise of restoration.
  • The Word Made Flesh, How Luke’s Gospel also shows us Jesus, the Word, made flesh and dwelling among us.
  • Philippians, Series on Paul’s letter of joy to the Philippian Church.

Below are links to older sermons preached at Mission PC.  Our hope and prayer is that you will find them spiritually profitable.  (And thanks to The Deaconator for helping make this possible!)

Morning Service

Evening Service