Q & A

Q. Questions.  I have nothing but questions.

A. That’s a statement.

Q. Ha ha.  Very clever.

A. That’s another statement.

Q. All right, enough frivolity.  Let’s cut to the chase.  Aren’t you guys a bunch of stodgy Calvinists?

A. Calvinist we’ll cop to.  Stodgy we’ll strongly deny.  What makes you think Calvinists are stodgy?

Q. Hey now, I’m the one asking the questions here…you know, “frozen chosen” and all that.  Are you saying you don’t believe in all that election and predestination stuff?

A. Sure.  We believe that.  It’s in the Bible.  But we happen to think that the more we learn the Bible we become anything but “frozen chosen.”  We prefer the term, “thawed by God.”

Q. Are you trying to be funny?

A. You’re accusing a Calvinist of being funny?

Q. Hey, that’s twice now – I’m asking the questions around here.  OK, so I’ll bite.  What do you mean by “thawed by God?”

A. It’s pretty simple really.  We believe that when we really understand, from the Bible, what God has graciously and lovingly done for us in Jesus Christ, we can’t help but be humbly overwhelmed with gratitude and love God and our neighbor as a result.

Q. So you get all emotional about what God has done for you?

A. Yes.

Q. Tears?

A. Sure, it’s been known to happen.

Q. Really?

A. Really.

Q. OK, so maybe you get all gushy emotional about theology and stuff in the Bible.  But you really don’t like people do you?  Unless they’re part of the “elect” of course.

A. Who knows who the elect are?  Oh, sorry – you’re the one asking the questions.  But really.  Our task is to proclaim the truths of Scripture and be ambassadors for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone and everyone we can.  So, yeah, we really do like people.

Q. You’re surprising me with this touchy-feely attitude.  Do you hug each other, too?

A. C’mon.  Get real.  We’re Presbyterians.

Q. Right.

A. That’s a joke.

Q. Right.  You’re a little weird.  You know that don’t you?

A. Eh.  It’s a gift.

Q. Well, by this point I have to admit I’m intrigued.  Oddly intrigued, maybe, but curious.  So I’ll bite.  How do I find out more about you guys?

A. Check out the rest of the site.  Come for a visit.  Send an e-mail.  Call.  So – when are you stopping by?

Q. Hey!  I’m the one asking the questions!