Visiting Mission

When You Visit

Come as you are.   But also come prepared to meet God, to hear Him speak to you in His Word, to respond to Him with a variety of songs, with prayer, with praise, confessing your sins but also confessing your faith in the God who saves all who believe in His Son.  Come ready to hear the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ, and what that means.  Come prepared to feast on Christ Jesus and all the blessings that are yours in Him.

Comments from a recent visitor: “Just a quick note to let you know how much <we> appreciated being a part of your congregation on Sunday.  We were blessed to see the way the Lord has used you to fashion a welcoming physical, emotional and spiritual environment from a humble, but very adequate, commercial suite.  It was good to participate in the Lord’s supper with people who should have been complete strangers, but were actually brothers and sisters.  Thank you for your part in making us feel welcome and valued.”