Kids at Mission

Train Up Your Child in the Way

Our kids sit with us during morning worship so that they can learn to worship by watching us, and participate more as they grow older.  It is beautiful for children to see their parents and other adults worship God with all their hearts.  Having our kids with us connects the generations, building relationships that last.  Kids who have those kinds of relationships are less likely to leave church when they become adults. 

Having our children with us means a little bit more noise and commotion, but we believe the benefits are more than worth it.  We have activity pages for kids to work on during the service.  Video and sound of the service is available in a kids’ room if needed.

GCP Show Me Jesus

For Sunday School, we use teaching materials that help our kids to understand God’s Word.  The “Show Me Jesus” program helps our children learn to love Jesus as He is promised in the Old Testament, and as He is revealed to us in the New Testament.

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