Two New Sermon Series on SermonAudio

A couple new sermon series are up at the SermonAudio site for Mission PCA. 

The older one is from from 2010, on Ecclesiastes.  This has long been one of my favorite books in the Old Testament – maybe the favorite.  Many people find it depressing, how the Preacher examines various pursuits and areas of life and finds them, over and over, to be pointless, empty, futile, “vanity.”  But this is what life is, without God, “under the sun.”  It is futile and vain.  But Ecclesiastes presents an alternative: life under heaven; that is, life lived in recognition that there is a God, that He is sovereign, and that we should be thankful for and enjoy the good things in life that He gives.  The vanity of life under the sun should drive us to seek God and to live life under heaven.  The end of the matter?  Fear God and keep His commandments.  Life lived with this attitude is neither pointless, empty, futile, nor vain.  It is wisdom.

The other new series is one just completed: Hosea.  Hosea’s story is scandalous: the prophet of God called upon to marry an adulterous prostitute.  Yet, this is a picture of the holy Lord God’s relationship with adulterous Israel, the people whoring after other gods.  Hosea must buy back faithless Gomer.  Similarly God, who will punish Israel by scattering them among the brutal Assyrians, will lovingly restore them.  He will do this through His only Son called out of Egypt, the Prophet to whom all men should listen, the true King and Savior of His people, that is, all who repent and believe in Him.

We hope you will be blessed by God’s Word.


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