Who Is This Jesus?

I have been preaching through the book of Acts, just made it through the end of Chapter 5.  Peter’s speeches/sermons in the early chapters are powerful and very instructive.  One of the things I noticed, but was only able to touch on in earlier sermons, was how Peter uses title after title for Jesus when describing Him and His work to the crowds or the Jewish leaders.

So in leading up to Easter Sunday I thought it would be worthwhile to go back and take a look in turn at these titles for Jesus that Peter uses.  So here is the expected outline of how we’ll proceed in the coming weeks.  Let your friends, neighbors, family know.  Invite them to come.  Come yourself!

Who Is This Jesus?

  • March 13 – Jesus of Nazareth
  • March 20 – Author of Life
  • March 27 – Offspring of Abraham
  • April 3 – Prophet Like Moses
  • April 10 – Holy and Righteous One
  • April 17 – God’s Servant
  • April 24 – Lord and Christ

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