He never got a roast!

But he’s got a festschrift.

And so Red Buttons would have no cause to complain.  If he could pronounce “festschrift.”  If he knew Dr. W. Robert Godfrey.

Yes, the good doctor has a book dedicated to him, and well done, too, by all appearances.  Check it out at the WSCal bookstore.  Also check out Dr. R. Scott Clark’s post that has more info.

Dr. Godfrey is a great teacher, an insightful and thoughtful theologian and historian.  He’s a quick wit, too.  Students would try to match wits with him, but I never saw one of them get the best of him.  Not professors, either.  I’m better for having taken classes from him, read what he’s written, and hearing him speak.  I’m also really looking forward to reading this book put together in his honor.


PS – What is it with Reformed theologians and their initials?  “W” Robert Godfrey.  “R” Scott Clark.  “J” Gresham Machen.  “R C” Sproul.  Even my old pastor “J” Murray Marshall.  “M” Scott Horton…oh, wait, never mind…


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