Alternative Proposal to the PCA Strategic Plan

The Northwest Georgia presbytery has sent an overture to the PCA’s General Assembly that offers a sound alternative to the Strategic Plan that has been proposed by the powers that be.  The overture can be read here:

I would support completely replacing the entire Strategic Plan proposal with the above overture.  Then, if we want to improve funding of the Administrative Committee itself, here’s what I’d do: take the table in the Plan that outlines different fees depending on size of the congregation – it amounts to about 1/3 of 1% of a congregation’s income – and make that table the basis for new registration fees for GA commissioners.  Put the same restrictions on increases that are in the Plan proposal.  Unless attendance at GA dramatically decreases this would generate significantly more income than presently.  Also, keep the askings for those who want to and can contribute more to the work of the AC.

Keep it simple.


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