Asking Questions of the Bible

Had some nice feedback to the link I posted regarding redemptive-historical preaching/teaching.  Based on that feedback thought I’d add something about an approach I’ve taught a couple times and gotten good feedback on.  The idea, which we put to use in the study of several Bible passages, is to ask three basic questions.  The three questions get at four basic exegetical approaches.  When studying a passage, ask:

  1. What was God saying to the original audience of this passage?
  2. How does this passage point me to Jesus Christ and His work?
  3. What is God saying to me/us today?

The first question helps understand the text itself, its context, audience, author, purpose, etc.  The second question reminds us that the Bible is a story of redemption that points to Christ as the author and finisher of our salvation.  The third question ought to cause us to look for the doctrines and behaviors we are being taught, the “indicatives” and “imperatives” of who we are as believers.

God willing this will be helpful to you!



One response

  1. Great approach. It’s interesting how the disciples tried to apply what Jesus taught. For example, in Matthew 19, after Jesus teaches them about the sanctity of marriage, they conclude, “It is better off not to marry…” Did they apply that right? 🙂

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