News from Mission Presbyterian

Family and Friends of Mission Pres,   Greetings from sunny SoCal!    I’d like to give you a quick update on what’s been going on at our church.  

  • In February, we began running a once/week radio ad on local station KKLA, 99.5 FM.  You can go to our website and hear the first version and the new version here:  KKLA also has an advertisers page on their web site – if you’d like to see our link visit:  We know that the ads have attracted attention and that there has been some response.  So far that response has been in visits to our church web page.  Please pray that listeners would take the next step and actually visit us in person.


  • In April we formally received our first members.  What a wonderful day that was and an encouraging step as we continue to grow and mature as a church.  We have a few more to receive, and we ask that you will pray for this to be repeated over and over in the future!


  • Coming up on July 4, we are planning to have an open house picnic at the church.  We hope to get the word out to the local community, and that they will come visit and learn more about us.  Pray that the planning and logistics of this will go well, and that God will give us wisdom as we continue to get the word out to our neighbors about who we are.


  • Of course, the most important thing is that we focus on Christ and His Word.  Our Wednesday night study on the parables of Jesus is going very well.  We’ve all gotten better insight into the teaching of our Lord and Savior, and been amazed at the simple yet profound truths that we learn from each and every parable. 


  • Sunday nights we continue to go through the Psalms during our evening worship.  Lately we have been hearing from the psalms from Ps. 51 on, psalms where David bares his soul and pours out his feelings and emotions, often very raw, before God, all the while maintaining his trust in Him.  How can anyone remain “frozen chosen” after hearing these psalms?  I contend that, in reality, we are “thawed by God.”


  • Recently we began a new sermon series in Ephesians during the morning worship service.  We have learned a great deal already just in the first few verses of Chapter 1, especially how, united to Christ, the Father has lavished abundant blessings upon us as His chosen, faithful saints.


Please pray that we will remain grounded in the rock solid Word of God, that it will go out from us via faithful preaching and teaching and not return empty, and that we will remain humbly dependent on God’s means of grace, and be ready for every opportunity He gives us to serve as His Gospel ambassadors to a lost and dying world.


Thank you for your faithful prayers, encouragement and support.  Come by and visit us if you can.  Tell others about us.  More than that – send them over for a visit!


God bless you all!




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