New Sermon Series Begins Sunday, March. 22

We have concluded two interesting and instructive sermon series on Ruth and Esther.  This Sunday, March 22, begins a new series.

For four weeks, concluding on Easter Sunday, the morning sermons will focus on the topic of Redemption.  What is it?  We talk about being “saved,” or “salvation.”  Redemption, in Scripture, is as important and in many ways a synonym for salvation.  We might ask about salvation or being saved: what are we saved from?  Similarly, in regard to redemption one question to ask is, redeemed from what?  Also, by whom or what?

This is what the four upcoming sermons in this Redeemed by the Lamb series will focus on: the need for redemption; the solution to that need; the tension that exists; and finally how that tension is resolved.  These sermons are by no means exhaustive, saying everything that could be said – but they are intended to give you a good overview of what the Bible means us to know about our redemption in Christ.

Sunday evenings are continuing in the Psalms – this coming Sunday the sermon will be on Psalm 52.

Please join us – we look forward to seeing you!


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