Expanding Horizons

A number of changes have been made to our site:

Many of the older pages have been updated, and a new page for sermons has been added.  Audio links to a few sermons are up and more should be added on a regular basis going forward.

Links have been added in the right hand column:

  • One group are links to sister PCA churches in the northern part of our presbytery; basically those in Orange and Riverside Counties.
  • Another group contains links to sister churches in NAPARC, or the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council, that are located near Mission Presbyterian Church.
  • Finally a group of links to various helpful web sites.  If you hover your mouse over each link a short description should appear.

Thanks for visiting and come back often!


One response

  1. Thank you for linking to my blog. Your church looks like a confessional church seeking to be faithful to Scripture in proclaiming nothing but Christ crucified. May the Lord bless your work even as you have begun (and yay for having an evening service already!). My prayers are for the Lord to bless you with faithfulness as you depend on Him for growth and not on mega-church practices. I think you might also find Andy Webb’s blog helpful and encouraging:


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